Protecting vulnerable children through enhanced technology

Dedicated toward the release of pertinent child welfare information, for whose lives teeter on the efforts of the officials instituted to protect their best interests.

CAPIDS has a dedicated team that will not stop until this idea comes to life. We know this system will close the gap and provide much-needed change with how child welfare workers deal with child abuse allegations and how they handle transient families. Our legal team is also working relentlessly to secure partnership agreements with every state to build this powerful database to serve their needs.

Our database will bring an unprecedented solution to the tragedy of discerning what to do with transient families and whose behavior is questionable. However, due to a lack of information on who they are and their history with the child welfare system, we make unfavorable safety decisions. We cannot stop people from moving, but we can change how we track their movements. We truly believe every state should support our idea and partner with us because there is a huge disconnect in how our child welfare system operates.

Victims of Neglect
Victims of Abuse
Sexual Assaults
Child Deaths

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